iEARN Interactive Forums

The essence of all communication in iEARN and all project work is
based on the iEARN online forums.

The iEARN forums are password protected.
Access is restricted to iEARN members.

The iEARN forums are housed on the iEARN International website.


The iEARN model of online project collaboration works very effectively in the conference environment where open and shared communication is its strength. Online forums provide the vehicle and, unlike e-mail, they offer a structure for communication and collaboration which enables everyone to see, participate, share, learn and observe.

Communication is the essence of being a part of iEARN and to facilitate this communication we utilise web-based Interactive Forums.Through the use of the Interactive Forums, students and teachers can participate and can initiate projects.

Interactive Forums allow all participants from around the world to see what is going on and to take part in any of the projects, discussions and activities on offer.

Restricted access to the forums allows an effective order and structure to be maintained. It also allows control over what messages are posted without being exclusive or elitist.

For more information about the Forums or to join iEARN Australia, contact iEARN Australia