iEARN International

The iEARN International website has extensive information about the work of
iEARN International and individual countries.

iEARN International is registered as an NGO in Spain and has an international office in Callus, Spain.

iEARN Australia is a founding member of iEARN International.

iEARN International is a decentralized global network of educational groups working collaboratively and sharing the same goals. The majority of the project activities in iEARN are initiated and managed by teachers and students in schools around the world.
iEARN has an international structure to support iEARN teachers and students, support teachers and countries new to iEARN, enter into partnerships on behalf of iEARN and ensure that the missions and goals of iEARN are maintained.
Each iEARN country or group is an autonomous member of the iEARN International network. Each is financially independent and organized according to practices in the local country.
Each iEARN country or group subscribes to the goals and objectives of the international network and provides support and training to enable young people in their country to participate in online collaborative, project-based learning.
The iEARN International Constitution outlines the goals and mission of iEARN International.

iEARN Australia subscribes to these goals and missions.

The iEARN Assembly

The iEARN Assembly is the decision-making body of iEARN International. iEARN Australia is a Centre Member of the Assembly.The Assembly discusses and makes decisions on issues - both online throughout the year and at an annual meeting held in conjunction with the iEARN International Conference in July. Each Assembly member has one vote.

For more information about the iEARN International or to join iEARN Australia, contact iEARN Australia