Working with iEARN Pakistan
Melissa Tylee

From August 2005 to July 2006, I was a World Education Corps (WEC) volunteer with iEARN Pakistan. The World Education Corps is a relatively new volunteer program based at the James Martin 21st Century School at Oxford University, England.

Ten students and young professionals from eight countries were selected to serve as volunteers in ten different iEARN countries. I was offered a position with iEARN Pakistan in Karachi.

I spent the year in Pakistan assisting with teacher training workshops, the selection of students to go on an exchange program to the USA, working directly with teachers and students in schools in Peshawar, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi. The main projects I introduced to students were the Teddy Bear Project, Kindred, Universal Values, What a Beautiful World, A Picture Tells a Thousand Words.

A major appeal of iEARN projects to schools in Pakistan is the connection with other schools and students from around the world. It was always a pleasure to work with the students and answering their questions about Australian culture and the national cricket team.

Pakistan is a country distinctly different from Australia at first, but after a few months its charms emerged and quirks grew on me. The Pakistani people are very respectful, polite and hospitable. By the end of my time in Pakistan, I was quite sad to leave many of my new friends and the work I was doing in schools and with students.

Melissa with students

Melissa in class

Melissa in class

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